Tech whining a thing of the past?

1 Dec

If you thought your kids’ texting at the dinner table was annoying, imagine the reaction of teachers at a new joint initiative between HP and the ISTE.

Remember that stone-age concept of sitting at your desk in school, listening patiently to the teacher and only the teacher? Well, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) are joining forces to turn that concept on its head. No more checking cell phones at the door.

Through a ten-month customized program, they’re encouraging teachers to makeover their classrooms digitally. They believe this will encourage an atmosphere of co-learning and greater access to outside sources. The whole program operates on the premise that the education system is outdated and needs to adapt to fit the new digital learner.

“Even texting is an educational tool,” says Don Knezek, CEO of ISTE. He believes students will use this particular technology to organize study groups. Knezek’s answer skeptics, worrying about students sticking to educational websites: “[Students] need to have a chance to learn responsibility. How else can they develop their own digital moral compasses?”


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