Get off your phone! It’s rude!

9 Jan

It’s hard being fully present in a world of technology. I do acknowledge that. And I am occasionally guilty of the same crimes I’m accusing others of. I acknowledge that, too. So, I’m trying to change the behaviour. And I think others should too.

Even if your cell phone doesn’t ring non-stop, you carry it with you everywhere, never letting it leave your sight. It’s you alarm clock, your database of information. It even carries the most personal messages, things you might not even want others to see. If you have a crackberry, as they’re affectionately known, you’re even more addicted to the e-mail and Internet features. Or, perhaps, you carry your laptop with you everywhere, whipping it out at every opportunity. Maybe, if you do none of the above, you walk around with headphones permanently glued to ears, music blaring. Whatever the case, it makes you less aware of the world around you, always looking for something bigger, better. When you check your phone while others are talking to you, it’s rude. It sends a signal of disinterest. You don’t care what they’re saying and you want them to know it. Well, we get it. We give up. Go ahead. Take that call. Text that person. Check that e-mail. Because whatever he or she has to say is more important than anything the person in front of you could have to offer. Right? Right.

Check out this great Washington Post article:


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