Oh, RyeHigh

26 Jan
Today, I walked to the Tim Horton’s I’ve been using in my four years at Ryerson. While the one man who works there was pouring pre-boiled hot water into a “large” paper cup, stamped with the Tim Horton’s logo, I realized I’d miss him–him and all the other cafe workers. I’d miss their unchanging scowls and the rhythmic way they slam down coffees, teas and various sweet beverages. The Tim Horton’s staff at Ryerson isn’t the only staple of Ryerson I’ll miss.
In my excitement for graduation, I think I’d forgotten what I’d be leaving behind. So, I’ve assembled a list of sorts of the top ten other pieces of Ryerson I’ll miss.
1. The mean security guard in the library. You know the one I’m talking about. He has a bulging belly and a face that indicates he’s likely never smiled in his life.
2. The quad. Okay, we live in Canada and go to school in the winter but we occasionally get to enjoy the sun. And when we do, its rays are glorious. The quad is our largest stretch of grass–a sad fact–and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as stretching out on it, under the sun’s gaze.
3. Defending the  Ryerson journalism program to other people who compare it to Carleton though I’m sure this habit will continue long after I’ve left these crowded halls.
4. The magazine lab: both the bane of my existence and a place I spend far too much time. I’m sure next year, I’ll feel a little nostalgia at the thought of another year conquering the room, marking it as their own.
5. Professors who’ve inspired me. There have been many–Ivor Shapiro, Bruce Gillespie, to name a few.
6. Professors who I’ve loathed. Yes, their classes were hard to sit through but I loved bitching about said professor after class. Don’t underestimate the power of decrying professors like Mary Bailey–english department and don’t ever take her class if you can help it!
7. The certainty with which feet hit the halls, thumping down stairs and into classrooms
8. The bake-sales and ticket-sales in the RCC. There’s always something going on in the RCC and while music blaring is often annoying, it’s also part of the character of the building.
9. The creakiness and strange sounds that emanate from all corners of Ryerson. In the magazine lab, late at night, we often hear strange whirring sounds. In Kerr Hall East rooms, I imagine a janitor repeatedly hitting out heater with a broom, to correspond to the noise.
10. The people. The friends I’ve made here.

2 Responses to “Oh, RyeHigh”

  1. Tyler January 27, 2010 at 3:24 am #

    You forgot to mention me. By name.

  2. Jill January 27, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    I think Maiya was talking about you when she mentioned the possible creepy janitor in Kerr Hall East. That’s what I pictured, anyway.

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