My Room

11 Feb

My room is a hodge-podge of newfound hobbies and goals that I took up with a sudden enthusiasm and abandoned just as quickly.

First off there’s a receipt for the swimming lessons I was determined to take. This summer I decided to conquer a fear and a life-long apprehension about learning to survive in deep waters. I took a few lessons, cancelled many times before eventually abandoning the effort all together.

Next, there’s a squash racquet on my floor from when I decided I’d take up squash.  I regularly decide on new fitness regimes. It never lasts more than a month and I think I’ve finally given up on the gym for good. But I discovered squash courts in my apartment building and decided it couldn’t be that hard to learn. I promptly went out and bought a racquet and haven’t used it since.

On my wall, I’ve tacked up a white sheet with the words “Story Ideas” emblazoned on it, in black marker. Underneath is one newspaper article. I put the paper up in October when a reporter told me I should start keeping a more organized folder of ideas. My ideas remain scrambled half-hazardously on loose pieces of paper, in my blackberry and occasionally even in computer files.

There are beads on my shelf from when my friend from UWO’s art program visited me and dragged me to the stores that stock the material. After laying my eyes on an array of hand-blown, glass beads, I promptly decided to take up the hobby. I carried my bounty home, place it on the shelf and it’s been there ever since.

I won’t bore you with the many more homages to my short bursts of energy bt needless to say there are many.


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