A Tuesday Night on a southbound car to College

17 Mar

Do I ever look up? Not as much as I used to. Look around? I don’t know. Do I realize how much is happening around me? Probably not.

On rare occasions when I abandon the comfort of my cellphone, for the world beyond my headphones, I notice things. Take a few minutes in the subway car today, for example.

Across from me, sits a man in a baseball cap reading metro cover to cover. A gaggle of blonde teenage girls squawk about boys at school. A discarded lottery ticket lies on the floor. The silver polish has been scribbled away. Did the scratcher think maybe—just maybe— that this was his/her lucky day?

Else there’s not much remarkable. Litter scattered here and there. An abandoned bubble teacup, recognizable by its thick straw meant for sucking up gummy spheres of tapioca. Footprints leave an impression on red tapestry imitation seats.

You’re probably wondering why I’m sharing this culmination of information that I happened to record in my notebook today. And the truth is I don’t know. I don’t know why I picked today to write about the streetcar. Or, if I’d taken another if I would have been apt to notice more or less. Perhaps in many months I’ll forget this evening entirely. So, the reason? There is none except my fascination with the impressions people leave in their wake—knowingly or not.


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