They Say it’s a Man’s World…

25 Jan

Since arriving in England, my life has evolved into something I’d never imagined–a life drastically different than I’ve ever lived before. That’s hardly deniable, by any standards. But, there’s one particular aspect I’d like to explore, which I find most strange.

You see, I live in a man’s world. The masculine presence in my life is not limited to any particular facet but rather extends to my family, my social life and my job. Upon arriving in England, I was greeted by my lovely second cousins–a four person family, partially composed of two sons (one married off and the other committed for the foreseeable future to a lifestyle more focussed on the clubbing world). I was ferried about to meet my other second cousins–also mostly male (with the exception of one Israeli female cousin, sadly living in–perhaps predictably–Israel). So, while it was perfectly lovely spending time with my cousins and I had no objections, you can see how I found myself almost entirely surrounded by men. Yet, I expected this would all change when I gained independence and moved out of Essex. How wrong I was.

I did move out. I moved into a flat in Golders Green with my cousin’s mate from university–also a man. Through him, I met some of his friends, some of whom I became friendly with–again all men.

Then there are the people I met on my own–at random community events. Guess what? (This will hardly surprise you at this point). They’re all men as well. In fact, I’ve now acquired so many male acquaintances and friendships that my one mate asked me, “Don’t you have any female friends?!” and expressed pure disbelief when I insisted I had. My only defence was this plea: “They’re on Facebook, I swear!”

Lastly, there’s my job. My office space is full of men, mainly loud Australians and a few friendly northerners. I work for a small start-up that deals with the financial industry. And this comes as quite the shocker (I know) but it’s mostly men I’m interviewing. Just to put that into perspective, I interview issuers and syndicate bankers involved in covered bond transactions. There’s maybe…oh, I don’t know…one syndicate banker specialising in covered bonds in all of Europe. So, yeah, women are a rarity.

At this point, it seems irrelevant to pull out more examples. You get the idea. I’m not complaining, mind you. I just think it’s noteworthy that I find myself thrust into this strange, new testosterone-charged world, particularly having spent my youth painting nails or braiding hair at sleepovers, talking for hours on the phone and in person and wasting away hours in restaurants and coffee shops complaining about all life’s dramas.



One Response to “They Say it’s a Man’s World…”

  1. Esther January 26, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    Further proof Keidan has female friends: me. I actually found this very interesting. Of late, the male to female friend ratio has more or less balanced itself out, but I have always gotten along better with guys, had more male friends and generally steered clear of most girls, with the exception of those who also steered clear of most girls. Bloaks: I love being friends with you– shooting the shit over beer, talking politics and family guy and helping you match your ties to your shirts… dating you, however, has been more frustrating.

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