The Hug

2 Feb

A Couple stand on the sidewalk. They hug. The girl can be no older than 16. The boy maybe 17.

The Girl

Her hair is brown. Not a nice brown. Mouse-coloured. Tied back in a ponytail. Her jean shorts are ripped and layered on top of black tights.

The Boy

He wears a non-descript jacket. His jeans are shredded at the bottom. His hair is also brown. His features dull.

The Hug

Oxford defines hug as, “to hold someone tightly in one’s arms, typically to express emotions.’ This hug was not that hug.

Their Hug

The shorter—the girl—reaches her arms up to grasp him. She clutches his shoulders. Pulls herself to him. Buries her face in his neck. Her eyes stay closed. His too. He wraps his arms around her waist. He breathes in as she breathes in, breathes out as she breathes out.

People pass by. They navigate around the couple. No one seems to take notice. Or mind.


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