A list of Odd British Terms & Phrases, in order of increasing outlandishness

17 Mar

No doubt there are more extensive and inclusive ones out there but this one has been assembled by me and thus is pure genius (Kidding! Kind of…)

Britishism Canadianism Notes
Flat Apartment However, a nice flat is called an apartment
Cash Point ATM
SatNav GPS
Mum Mom Personally, I prefer their pronunciation for once
Queue Lineup
Lift Elevator
Tube Subway
Central Downtown Central London, not downtown London
Spirits Hard Liquor Our term is apparently endlessly amusing
Supermarket Superstore
Biscuits Cookies
Chips Fries No ordinary fries though; more similar to the kind you get at chip wagons
Crisps Chips
Slag Slut
Ta! Cheers! Thanks I still say “thank you”
Take Away Takeout
Purse Wallet And your purse is your handbag
Full Stop Period (Punctuation)
Cinema Movie Theatre Sounds a bit grander, don’t you think?
Bloke Man Ex. “He’s a proper bloke.” Still couldn’t explain what that means. Maybe hyper masculine?
Fancy To like Someone
Pull Kiss/ Make out What “pulling” has to do with kissing I’ll never know
Jelly Jell-O Also, does not taste as good.
Motorway Highway
Petrol Gas My cousin Oliver would rigorously defend the British word over the “American” one. His reasoning? “It’s not a gas!” My thoughts? Does it really matter?
Bin Garbage Bin
Rubbish Garbage
Mate Friend I think “friend” is also acceptable but it seems most people use the term mate. Piece of advice: don’t ever call a potential romantic interest “mate”
Shirt Dress shirt
Knickers Panties
Trousers Pants
Pants Boxers You’ll get awkward looks when you remark on someone’s pants, so don’t make the same mistake I did
Nappies Diapers Don’t know how I know this one seeing as I don’t know anybody with babies
Pudding Dessert Very confusing since pudding is a dessert on its own
Fag Cigarette
Mobile Cellphone
Plaster Band-aid Honestly, why call it plaster?
Fringe Bangs
Jacket Potato Baked Potato Yes, I pictured little potatoes in jackets too
Loo/ Toliets Washroom Also named “bathroom” when there’s an actual bath
Fairy cake Cupcake
Lollipop Lady Crossing Guard I’m told this is because the sign looks like a lollipop
Fanny Woman’s you-know-what
Gash Woman’s you-know-what On one of my first visits with my cousins I remarked that the large screen television was excellent for viewing a gash up close (was referring to the bloody wounds on the news programme). You should have seen their shocked faces!
Take the Piss, Take the Mickey, Winding you Up To Make fun of someone, ridicule Favourite British pastime so you’d best develop a thick skin (I’m still working on it)
All right? How’s it going? I absolutely hate this question.  It confused me for months! What do you mean am I all right? Do I look like there’s something wrong with me? Thankfully, I have since been taught to just respond with: “Yeah, you?”
Have a butchers Have a look Comes from Cockney rhyming slang: have a butcher’s hook rhymes with have a look
Canadiana Canada I’ve only heard this from the occasional Brit. “Because you call yourselves Canadian and so Canadiana makes more sense”

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