Grin and Bear It

24 May

I dedicate these case studies to every individual who has ever had to bear a gruelling job. I hear, though it’s only rumoured, that some people bear these jobs with smiles plastered on their faces. I am not such a person.

Thus, I unfold, for your reading pleasure, the case history of my work experience in London England. In no particular order:

Case 1
What: Fabric and sewing shop (aka. sweat shop) owned by couple, teetering on edge of being morally reprehensible
Work Classification: Slave
Sentence: One week
Reason for Leaving: Offered week-long unpaid internship at The Guardian. Quit job when was not allowed time off for “frivolous reasons”
Positive Takeaway: Now up to date on UK labour law

Case 2
What: Nightclub in Hertfordshire, UK
Work: Picking up glasses
Sentence: One night
Reason for leaving: Minimum wage (£5.38) x 6 hours = £32.28. Cost of shoes ruined from drunkards spilling drinks near or on me as well as from walking on glass all night? £35. Did not return for round two.
Positive Takeaway: Not aggressive enough for shoving required in club atmosphere

Case 3
What: Bakery
Work: Bread slicer/ display re-arranger/ cookie distributor
Sentence: One month
Reason for leaving: Finally offered a job, which involved the use of my university degree
Positive Takeaway: Lots of free samples of baked goods during nine hour shifts with no break. Also, learned look cute wearing baker’s cap.


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