Living on a Budget – 7 Tips for the Financially Impaired

14 Jun

Dear Anyone who’s ever moved to a new country (albeit London or somewhere else) and had to learn to live cheaply in an expensive city, here are some tips I’ve picked up on how to make the best of your resources:

  1. Eat lots of carbs. I do realise that is the opposite of the Atkins diet and will, most likely, make you more fat, but potatoes, pasta and rice are all cheap and you can buy bags big enough at Tesco’s to feed an army (or yourself for a good month).
  2. Sit in the office all day. So what if everybody else is hobbling in and out of shops and sitting on patios in the sun? You can be content watching YouTube videos in the office all day
  3. Get a bus pass. Skip the tube altogether. Sure, I once heard someone here call the bus the peasant method of transportation. If that’s true you’ll fit right in
  4. Keep wearing the same clothes over and over. Yes, people have started to make comments and notice you wear the same outfits in every picture, but so what?
  5. If you do really need something, shop at Primark. Yes, it’s possibly ethically questionable – how can they sell £8 dresses?! – But you’re not in any shape to be moral right now.
  6. If your friends ask you to meet for food and you can’t get round it – or don’t want to avoid embarrassment – scope out the menu online in advance, so you already know what the cheapest thing is on the menu, and can order it like you wanted it the whole time
  7. Don’t take a holiday. Enjoy a staycation. Or, even better, make your friends from foreign countries come visit you. It helps if you live somewhere remotely glamorous or interesting.

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