Day 3

5 Jul

Today, we went to Wawel Castle (pronounced Vavel).

Krakow's Royal Road

Our tour guide is a blond woman with tired eyes. Her mother is about the same age as my Grandmother, she says. We discover she is from the same town as my Grandmother’s father. Lviv.

After the war, Churchill and Roosevelt conceded the territory to Stalin (because they were afraid of him, according to this woman). The Poles were kicked out. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the city became a part of an independent Ukraine.

My Grandmother and our guide

Her mother went back, the blonde woman tells us, just to see. She took one last look at the property where she’d once found such happiness and that was it for her.

My Grandmother, a strong woman who fought to get her family’s property back (and succeeded) says the mother should have fought for it.

She couldn’t do it, is the answer. Grandmother nods.


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