Small child meets communicative alien

20 Jul

I’m at a family barbecue. So, to the backdrop of delicious char boiled meat, I think about the fact that next month will mark a year in England. I’m starting to really fit in here, I think.

As I’m having this deeply introspective thought, a small boy (I guess around four or five) taps me on the shoulder with a miniature Ford Focus.

“Very cool car,” I say.
He gives it to me and walks away.

Once out of his sigh, I place the car on a table, so I can have full use of my hands during a conversation (you know, should dramatic gesturing be required).

Later, he returns to my side asking where the car has gone. I point to it, but he doesn’t look away.

“Do you want to see the whole collection he says?”

By this point I feel that we’ve struck up a friendship and so I graciously accept, and excuse myself from a conversation. He leads me down the hall where I encounter a truly admirable collection of jeeps and sedans and (well, I don’t know cars that well).

I, of course, agree the collection is quite good.

And, just as I am in self-congratulatory mode about how well I get along with children this brown eyed boy looks up at me. He tilts his head to the right. “What language are you speaking?”

Oh, right.


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