Mob Mentality

25 Jul

The train halts. We’re told to empty it in an orderly sequence because the destination has changed, due to a signal failure. Four minutes later, I board another train. The driver announces there was a “personal injury” at bank station. Packed in like sardines, we’re not sympathetic.

Some minutes later we’re rolling through the tunnel again. That’s when the emergency sound starts blaring. Someone’s pushed the alarm. A woman has fainted in our car. She’s white as a ghost.

A voice rumbles from behind me: “Oh, here we bloody well go. Another ten minutes.”

People glance at the woman and tut that they’ll be late for work, thanks to this business.

The driver asks train four (that’s us) to evacuate the train.

“You won’t be able to get on this one,” mutters another man to the people waiting in the station. “Someone’s fainted.” He rolls his eyes.

Another announcement blasts: The next train will be arriving on platform three in one minute.

And so the women in skirts and blouses and the men in suits begin to run.


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