My big, fat, lovely family

24 Dec

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” – Anthony Brandt

Head of the clan/ maternal Grandfather

Ah my family. They’re loud. They’re opinionated. They’re lovely. It feels even better to be home than I’d imagined—particularly with the dusting of snow coating my porch.

Families are like that, I suppose. You forget how important they are to you when you’re away from them for a long time.

Sometimes I remembered when I’d be invited to someone else’s family’s house for dinner. I’d laugh with them, and talk to them, but in my chest would be a twinge of sadness because I wasn’t in my home. But then I took the tube home from the dinner or lunch, and moved on to something else, got busy with life and work.

But now I’ve been thrust back into the world of heated political debates, cooking frenzies, and lots of laughter, and I think, oh right, this is what I’ve been missing.

I’m not saying I plan on moving back here anytime soon, but I do have to admit that, fuck, I’ve missed these people.


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