Dear Readers,

Nearly one year ago I wrote about my fear of the next big step following graduation—starting over with a new job and outlook on life. I wrote of my journey from small town Canada (Alliston, Ontario, population: 6,000) to London, Ontario (350,000) and eventually to Toronto (2,500,000).

I questioned what bigger—and thus better—city I’d finally find my way to. In the summer a sudden inexplicable urge to move to London, England (population: 7,500,000) seized me. So, completely spontaneously and in a manner that railed against my character, I sold off most of my things, packed up whatever remained, said my goodbyes and boarded a plane to a country I’d never even visited.

And now I’m here, writing about my year-long experiment (or possibly longer or shorter) for the benefit of my mates in England and my friends and family back home.

With Love,

Maiya xx


One Response to “Dear Readers,”

  1. dora September 6, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Awesome Maiya. I did exactly the same thing in 2008. To London as well. It’s not easy but it’s awesome. Good luck and all the best.

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