The Kind of Thing I Do

Published Works:

Sample Writing/ Random Musing:

As I walk to school this morning–my routine–I do something I haven’t done in many months. I look up at the clear blue sky and down at my feet thumping along the stone path. The stones are clumsily placed in ice-cold earth, yearning to thaw. Or, perhaps the yearning is a characteristic I’m wrongfully attributing to Mother Earth. I want it to thaw. I want Spring to come–to spend a few more stolen moments in the quad, legs crossed, pulling at threads of grass.

I want to sit among my peers one more time before I graduate, soaking up the beams of sun (I always hope for golden skin but I just burn). I want to watch students throw back their heads and laugh at inane comments. I want to duck as a ball glides dangerously close to intruding on my quiet piece of land. I just want a few more moments of sunshine before the world of university is swept away at last.



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