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Chicken pox. 72 hours later. Correction: 84

10 Sep

A lot of you might wonder what it’s like to have chicken pox. Actually, that’s probably not true. Because you all had it. When you were children. Like normal people. I, however, have a three-year-old’s disease – at 23.

My greatest bone to pick with the pox? I feel personally insulted at its affront to my dignity. Not only am I reduced to a 23-year-old woman who can’t be bothered to comb her hair or dress herself in anything vaguely appealing but I am covered head to toe in spots. Not nice cute little speckles. Oh no. Large scabby red marks cover my face and stomach and neck and arms…and well on and on the list goes.

It’s so bad that my friend is too scared to open a picture of my face when I send it and that my housemates say I look like death. And when I answer the door for the plumber I can see the fear in his eyes, the struggle not to stare at my nose that has changed shape from the spot placement. (Or maybe that’s just my paranoia).

I also hate the fact that when you tell everyone you have chicken pox they immediately picture you pox-ridden. Am I wrong here? And it’s not a pretty look, let’s face it.

Besides the fact I have a child’s disease, it’s just plain rubbish that as an adult I still don’t have the self-control not to scratch. I mean you might think that as an adult you’ve carefully honed your ability to postpone gratification specially when you know it will later do you harm, but this illness says, no, I am going to prove to you how child-like you are.

Sigh. Can’t wait for pox-phase to be over.

(Note: no picture was added to this post in keeping with not wanting to cause readers’ eyes undue stress)