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Toronto, okay, I love you

23 Dec

Today I leave Toronto. I don’t want to. It took me precisely three days to renew my love of Toronto, so it seems unfair that now I have to leave. I can’t point to an actual moment where I thought: “Oh you….right….I DO love you”.

Toronto Eaton Centre

At first, I hardly felt a connection. I walked past my old apartment. Nothing. I went to the Eaton Centre. Nothing. My old supermarket. Nothing – mind you, it was Metro, so perhaps that one is understandable.

I think I was trying to force myself into feeling something, and it was only when I threw my hands up in the air and let myself feel whatever I was feeling that I started to enjoy myself.

And then a funny thing happened slowly; I walked up and down Queen west amongst the hipsters, sipped coffee at Moonbean in Kensington, ate sushi on Yonge street and that feeling I was having trouble identifying in the early days slowly revealed itself to be contentment.

I was content to sit in cafes with my fellow RRJ-ers, or grab Greek food on the Danforth with my best friend from high school. I was content to hear a Canadian accent everywhere I went. I was definitely content to join in the sport of making fun of the uuber-conservative (and equally idiotic) mayor Rob Ford.

Spending time in Toronto has been like meeting with an old friend. You never have enough time. But you also feel like she will always be there for you, whenever you need her.

Still, I wish I had more time here. I wish I had more time to wander my old favourite neighbourhoods. I wish I had more time to walk around with coffee in my hand (Londoners don’t do this!). I wish I had more time to spend with friends and familyI shared mere hours with – friends and family who are even nearer and dearer to me now I’ve spent so much time apart from them.


Coffee, Sushi and Chat

26 Jul

I’m in a bit of a mushy mood today – probably because of the realisation I booked my ticket home a week ago combined with the family phone rounds yesterday evening – and thus I would like to list for you all the things I’ve missed the most, and can’t wait to do, following hitting that tarmac at Pearson Airport. Please don’t mistake my mushy mood for homesickness, but an ingrained love associated with home that can never be severed. (I did warn you that this post was going to be mushy, so I take no blame if you just threw up your lunch at that last statement).

Okay, here we go:

  1. Gorge on cheap sushi. And, I do mean gorge. Asian food (or, Oriental, as it is not so politically correctly referred to here) is meagre at best in terms of quality, and about five times the price of what I’m used to in Canada. Hence, I plan to re-hook myself up to the sushi intravenous during my two-week stay.
  2. Order a mountain of pancakes for dinner –yes, dinner. For some reason English people find the idea of breakfast for dinner simply abominable. Their loss!
  3. Sit in Chapters and read on those uncomfortable fake wood box benches. How I’ve missed sitting in bookshops surrounded by fellow cheap book lovers.
  4. Take a stroll through one of Toronto’s lovely parks and try to spot the needles junkies have abandoned.
  5. Dip my toes in the polluted Lake Ontario. (I may hold off on this one since it will be December when I visit).
  6. Have a snowball fight! I’m looking forward to going somewhere in December where they don’t think one centimetre of snow is a big deal, or have never heard of ‘snow tires’.
  7. Sit in coffee shops for hours, just chatting with old friends. In London, I suppose you can substitute pubs for coffee shops, but I just don’t have those people who know me in the same way here. Also, it would be nice to sit and chat without worrying about your inhibitions being lowered.
  8. Endure an inane conversation with the boy barista at Bulldog for the sake of an amazing coffee. Seriously, kind of hoping that kid is long gone by now.
  9. Hijack friends’ couches. Okay, this one is not so much what I’m looking forward to, as a warning to you all. I’m coming for you!
  10. Go shopping! My money will be worth 1.6 times as much! YAY!